Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, I am taking a short break from poker for awhile. I'm very busy with straightening things outs with work so really their isn't much time. I'll be playing in the 10k Bronze Iron Man freeroll and 5k sit n learn freeroll aswell as the Miniftops warm up. I just have no time, but soon enough I'll get back into grinding and keeping everyone updated.

I will be keeping everyone updated though, just yea been way to busy to keep up with playing poker and posting blog entries. I'm hoping for a nice boost to my bankroll though with the 2 freerolls and the Miniftops warmup.

Anyways good luck at the tables everyone and I'll be back shortly! Also check out Curb your enthusiasm if you havn't already. Such a great comedy show from the co creator of Seinfeld. Larry David is don't believe me..check this out.


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